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Do.Re.Mi /2019.06.17/

2019-06-19 16:50:45

The Mongolian music scene is bursting with activity these days.
Let’s check out what our creative artists are up to!

New Releases: 
[00:37] Check out this amazingly crafted video and experience the mesmerizing ethnic sounds of Boerte band!
[10:36] Rapper Enerel (Belucci Records) is keeping his fans very happy with continuous new releases and an upcoming concert!

What’s On:
[15:15] The Mongolian parkour community is thriving and growing every day. And Hurgan crew is a lively part of this vibrant community. 
Check out the spectacular stunts of these Mongolian traceurs!

[18:14] Here's another peek at the achievements of The Hu band, who is currently on tour in Europe! They are taking their unique Hunnu Rock fusion tunes around the world and finding major success along the way!

Music ABCs: 
[20:32] Today’s letter is ‘E’ for a rising new star, Enguun Tseyen. Let’s find out more about her brand new release and her recent appearance at the Sapporo Snow Festival 2019!

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Do.Re.Mi /2019.06.17/  
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